Top reasons why the learning poker websites might be dead soon

Find out why 99onlinepoker is the better option rather than opting for a training poker website. See why so many learning poker platforms are about to be closed soon and we will remain without them in future.

A poker training website or a poker learning website is a platform in the internet where people used to find guides and tutorials about the different poker formats. Why do we say used to, though? It’s because, recently, we observe the trend for these pages to fade away. There’s a big possibility for all the learning and training poker websites to die soon. Why is this happening?

  • First of all, it’s happening, because they have become too many. And the customers are right now kind of confused which one to choose. It is definitely difficult to decide which website is trustworthy and which isn’t.
  • On the other side, these training websites get paid. Back in the times, the creators of these websites offered their useful content for free. Today, a customer, who wants to sign up in a training website, should pay for subscription. Many gamblers prefer to save this money and to invest it in a real money 99onlinepoker game or tournament.
  • Meanwhile, training websites are also not so necessary anymore. The newbies in the field still need that preparation in advance, but they don’t have to open plenty of accounts for the purpose. Instead of registering in a training poker website, they can complete their registrations in online casinos, where in 90% of the cases there’s a help center with the same learning resources.
  • Everyone in poker field has started accepting himself or herself as an expert. Due to this, today we see a lot of poker training websites that claim to be professional, but as a matter of fact are not. Such a tendency makes the customers in gambling industry lose their trust in these platforms.

Should I use a training poker website?

The reasons we have pointed out show only why these websites disappear. However, should a newbie look for one anyway? We definitely think that every beginner in the field of poker is obliged to start his real money experience with a preliminary education. Hence, if in past the training websites were the only sources for the preparation, today, we have quite more option. You can for instance try the free mode play in the poke provider or instead to get an individual course from a trustworthy poker pro. In all cases, we advise you not to rush in the real money poker activity. Get some learning course or time and then invest your money with a smaller risk.

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