How Roulette is being Played?


In every casino of any country, you can find this game. Roulette is so popular among gamblers. This game is quite an image of casinos. You may have seen this machine in any casino scenes in movies. The machine looks like a wheeled machine with so much color which is placed on a table. Let us see how this game is being played.

The wheel is generally located on the top of the table. A round board is placed there also. The board has red and black colors on it along with some numbers. Depending upon the category of the roulette, the numbers are placed. Now a banker will be there to organize and rotate the wheel. Two dices will be flipped and the number will be recorded.

Then the wheel is being rotated by the operator. The resisting force like frictional force and momentum loss, after some time it will stop. A ball is also being placed on the rotating wheel in the opposite direction.

When the ball will be in static condition on the table then the stopping position will determine the luck of the player. As I said, numbers are placed on the table, so if the numbers are odd or even according to the dice result, then the banker will give the money to the player and that player will be the winner.

The same odds are also being placed for the colors and columns and dozen. The experts who are in this field for a long time generally place their bets on marginal values because chances of winning are higher in this case. .

If you search about the history of this game you will encounter something interesting. There are lots of emotions are attached with the game. The game was being played at moving wheel which was not so much organised. Mainly soldiers from Rome spent their time in this game to keep their mind away from the guilt of death and war. So they made their rules. Later it was accepted by casinos and others. The USA and other countries who were willing to spread the casino system in their country has accepted it also.

This online game is very much similar to the offline roulette.  Lots of practice can bring success for you also. Due to the simplicity of this game, the game is so much popular.

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