Gambling: Method of Playing Blackjack


Blackjack is a game that can be played either online or offline. It can be played both for the purpose of mere enjoyment or time pass and for gambling also. However, it is one of the main game which is played as gambling.

Either you want to play the game for just time pass or to make some money by gambling, you need to learn this game first. The way of playing this game is easier than those many other gambling games. Before start playing a blackjack game you need choose one first. Variety is huge. Pontoon blackjack, Spanish 21, Classic blackjack, progressive blackjack, European Blackjack, American and Atlantic blackjack are the most common all over the world. And among these, European, American and Pontoon blackjack are played by the players due to easy laws. This is the reason, every casino has atleast one of these three varities.

The game starts with the dealer, he shuffles the deck of cards and distributes each player two-two cards one by one. However, before distributing the cards, all the players need to put the cash bet or the chips in the betting area.  The dealer gives 2-2 cards to each player but takes just one card for self.

In this game, the prime motto of each player is to get the best highest score below 21. If the scores become more than 21, the players get busted. It means he gets out of the game. However, if he gets exactly the score of 21 with the first two cards. He is said to be blackjack and receives about equal to 1.5 times his bet.

If he does not get a score near about to 21 and is not satisfied with his score, he can ask more cards from the dealer by saying  ‘Hit’. When he gets satisfied with the score of his cards and wants the dealer to stop giving any more cards to him, he just uses the word ‘Stand’.

In this game, there are many restrictions on the dealer. Like first he just gets the one card, while other players take two cards. Secondly, he can’t take more cards when his total score becomes more than 17.

Now apply these in practice corner with a friend without betting money. Once you are habituated with it then go for the money. You will win. Best of luck!



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