Some Special Terms Used in the Gambling While Playing Roulette


Roulette is a very popular game that is played mainly in casinos for the purpose of gambling. It’s very easy to learn this game. For learning this game, you need to understand the meaning of different terms used in this is very important. Let’s know some of them.

Biased wheel

It is a kind of wheel which to be spun to do gambling and play the game. In the normal game, there is an almost equal probability of winning by all the numbers. However, in a biased wheel, some numbers have very little probability of coming up, some have more probability while some other numbers are never coming up as the winning number. This is generally done by setting the wheel’s speed and setting the momentum at fixed rate.


The person, who observes and manages all the transactions of the games and stops and starts the games and manages almost everything related to the game at that particular time while playing, is known as the croupier. So it would be best to choose best machine where croupier is not biased atleast.


In roulette, there are 36 or 37 numbers depending on some type of different roulettes. On the roulette wheel, these numbers are printed on the square black or red part of the wheel. These parts of the wheel, on which numbers are printed, are known as the pockets. These pockets are there to decide your luck in this game. Experts generally go for the marginal values of the pockets.


Marker is nothing but a special device. This device is used by the croupier to stop or start the game. The new game can not be started unless the marker is removed by the croupier, from the winning number.

Call bets

While betting, we know that we need to keep some cash or chips in the form of cash as the betting amount. It is not so in call bet. Betting can be done just by speaking the amount in the system of call bets. Dices are going to be flipped. The value is being matched with the stopping position of the ball on the wheel. Even-odd, red-black are the options here.

Gathering little knowledge about every game what you are planning to start, will help you to act like a pro. Along with these, there are many terms which you need to know to know this game well.

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