Know About Important Glossaries For New Online Slot Players

With new technologies and games, slots are changing rapidly. Here are a few important terms that can help you understand online slot games.


Slot games have been popular among people for decades. With the introduction of online slots, more people are moving towards online slots to earn some money. But, for new players, the challenge is different. They often feel confused about certain messages or terms while playing online joker slot games. It also hampers their performance.

Are you feeling the same? Here are the top terms related to online slots for your convenience.

Anyways Pay: The phrase “anyways pay” describes a particular slot related to contrasting slots. In these slot games, players get rewarded if the matching symbols are in adjacent reels. There is no necessity to have all images in the same line. Usually, the winning images start from the left and move towards the right.

Pay Line or Winning Line: Pay line or winning line refers to a line of images that forms the winning combinations of images in online slot games. A player can win a reward, even a jackpot against a winning line. Since these lines also determine your payout, they are called pay lines. For example, a 10 line slot will have 10 different winning lines or pay lines, including one dedicated for the jackpot.

Bonus Round: A bonus round is a special mechanism found in particular online slots. The slots award players bonus or free spins against a winning reel. So, if you can match the images, you will get a bonus within the game.

Cascading Reels: Cascading reels are usually found in progressive slots or more modern slots. This is a special type of slot in which the winning combination disappears while the upcoming images take the vacant place. It continues as a water cascade. The dropping of images continues till no winning lines are left.

Such online slots offer higher payout as winning cascading reels are quite difficult.

Grid Slots: Grid slots are 8×8 or 6×6 reel slots. They usually offer smaller payouts frequently. You have to match all the images in grid slots to form a matrix of images to win the jackpot.

Hit Rate: Hit rate refers to the possibility of hitting at least one winning line or pay line after starting the game. For example, if a loss comes with a 305 hit rate, you have a 30% chance of hitting at least one winning line while playing the game. But, it is not enough to determine how many players can win the rewards or jackpots in a particular game.

LDW: LDW is the abbreviation of “Losses Disguised as Wins.” If a player wins a reward less than their bet amount, it is considered an LDW. The logic behind this term is simple: Despite winning a reward, you cannot recover the whole bet amount. Hence, you end up losing indirectly.


Having better knowledge about these glossaries will help you understand online slot games. You will also collect more information about a certain game by checking out information related to such a gloss series.


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