Slot Volatility: What Are Its Various Types, And Which Is Best For Players?

There are three types of slot volatility like low, medium, and high. But, what suits your casino betting depends entirely on you.


Slot Volatility or variance are the same terms used in different online slot casinos that measure how often the slot is likely to hit a winning combination. It works as a significant factor when counting the players winning probability. It helps you know about your winning probability in the top-rated online slot casino. The slot volatility helps you know the risk associated with the various types of slots. There are three major variances or volatility in the slot game: low, medium, and high. These major slot volatility types will help you know how often or how big your payout will be.

Let us watch out for three main types of slot volatility.

Low Volatility Slots

Players can expect to win small wins when they proceed to the next level in the online slot game. The low volatility slots involve minimal risk. The payouts may be smaller, but they often appear in the slot game. With a couple of spins, you can expect many returns on your slot game. However, if you are not swayed by the animation, these low-volatility slot games offer good payouts. A small to no loss in this type of slot with good playtime is also a major attraction.

Medium Volatility Slots

This type of variance slot makes a fine line between the low and high volatility slot games. These games may look turn-off slightly to players, but higher wins are still marked in the medium volatility slot games. The risk and winning payout are within the middle range in the slot games. Players can expect good returns on their wagers. The appropriate payouts and that too occurring often make this slot game worth a pick.

High Volatility Slots

To be precise, a high volatility slot may not give you winnings as often as low and medium variance slot games. Here, the wins are not recurring but will appear rarely. However, the winning amount will be no less than a jackpot. You may play more than 50 spins without a single win. So, you need to be aware of the pros and cons of the high volatility slot games. High variance slots are for the risk-takers, and the winning amount is worth the wait. Even this type of slot game does come with a higher RTP%, which makes the slot game thrilling and attractive.

Which Slot Volatility Is Best For Players?

If you are a high roller and like to take risks, high volatility slot games are the right pick. Your patience level must be quite high.

If you are someone with a considerable amount of capital and feel smaller winning amounts are right for you, go ahead with the medium variance slots. You can take a dig at jackpot slots too.

Choose low-volatility slot games if you are a conservative punter with a limited bankroll and want no risks. They will give you easy wins more often.

Wrapping Up

Whether you choose a low variance slot, medium variance slot, or high variance slot game; you need to prep up yourself for losses. You must never get restless while playing any of these slot games, and it is better to weigh all the conditions before playing any variance slot.

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