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Sic Bo Online: How to Wager in It?

How to gamble in online Sic Bo games, and what are the game’s different bets? The following sections find inclusive answers to these questions. 

The world of online casino gambling is crammed with various gaming options having different sets of rules. Some require extensive knowledge and skills from gamblers, while some get played only for the fun of playing and obtaining real winnings. If you are a fan of the second kind of casino game, Sic Bo would be one of the best choices.

Sic Bo, initially See Bo, originated in ancient China and is a dice game that gets played on big tables. This fluently progressive game will require pure fortune from you to bring you winnings, and there aren’t many scopes for applying such skills or strategies in it. Hence, playing it means fun all the way! But, how to play Sic Bo?

How to Play Sic Bo?

The main objective of this game is to speculate the outcome of a dice roll precisely. In this game of luck, you need to wager on the bet box that, you think, will match the result of the dice roll. If the final result meets your expectations, you will win the round. You will find a wide variety of bets in a Sic Bo game to choose from. All of them are attached to their specific payout odds.

Notably, your chances of winning bets in Sic Bo significantly depend on which online platform you are playing it from and whether the game’s payouts are worthy enough. However, users of UFABET never need to consider such things, as they are sure to access only the leading title with high payout potential.

Different Bet Types in Sic Bo

Sic Bo tables have six main betting types illustrated on them. So let’s have a closer look at them all.

  • Single Number Bets:

Numbers 1 to 6 are the single number bets of the Sic Bo game. These bets are mentioned in the very last row of the table.


  • Two Number Combination Bets:

The row above the single number bets portrays the two number combination bets. You can bet on any of these numbers to come in outcomes of the rolling of 3 dices.

  • Three-Number Combination Bets:

These bets range from numbers 4 to 17. You can bet on any of these numbers, guessing that the 3 dices’ outcome’s sum will match the number you have a wager.

  • Tripple, Pair, Big, and Small Bets:

All these bets are positioned at the top row of the betting table. The triple or pair bets mean 3 or 2 dices separately will show the numbers players wager on. Besides, you can also bet on the identical numbers appearing on all three dices.

Big and small bets are located at both top corners of the table. Small bets comprise numbers 4 to 10, and the big bets mean wagering on numbers 11 to 17.

Wrapping Up

Sic Bo might be a casino game of simple luck, but there are some strategies that you can apply to organize your gameplays in a better way. So, go through some of them and start wagering!

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